Episode 2

Published on:

14th Jun 2020

Ep. #2 - Getting Started

In this episode Steven interviews Jasmine Davis. Jasmine shares her experience on why she started training, how she coped with her anxiety when she first started training, and how she's gotten to where she is now. Steven breaks down some of the things he notices as key takeaways and how you can begin to apply them in your own life and training.


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The Davis Fitness Method
Health and Fitness for Clients, Trainers, and Fitness Professionals
The Davis Fitness Method Podcast is a show that was created as a guide for Steven’s clients and the many who have are seeking training, health, and performance. Steven Davis is a coach out of Seattle, Washington who is committed to providing clear, practical solutions you can implement in your life today. Being frustrated by all the nonsense, lead to searching endlessly for the answers to his own questions. He has developed a method that cuts the crap and gets straight to the point. He aims to provide as much value as he can to help others improve their performance, mindsets, and life.

The Davis Fitness Method is about becoming the best you, and then some.
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Steven Davis

Hi! I’m Steven Davis!

My passion for impacting others lives through fitness started nearly 10 years ago when I became certified as a Personal Trainer. I collected my bumps and bruises while working at a plethora of commercial gyms before starting my own business “Davis Fitness Method”. Through countless hours of my own personal studies, continuing educations courses, and MANY hours in the gym training clients, I’ve gathered experience and expertise in the health and fitness industry.

My goal with fitness is to be a resource to you, someone that can help you act on your potential and get the most out of your body.